Apartment Rentals
Apartment Rentals
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Home & Land Sales in Danville, Virginia

Danville, VA Apartment Rentals of Danville, Virginia, helps you invest in quality real estate with home and land sales. When you're ready to make the transition from rentals, we have all kinds of properties at a variety of prices.

Real Estate for Sale

Call us when you are ready to buy because we sell homes and land, too. If we build your home for you on our land, we offer short-term rentals to accommodate your living requirements.

List of Land For Sale

Subdivision Lots:
  • Arey Estates—from $25,000.00
  • Place in the Country—from $18,500.00
  • Kristen Lane—$26,500.00
  • Cedars—$12,500.00
  • *Keeling Meadows—from $20,000.00
  • *Songbird Acres—$25,000.00
  • *Green Farm Road—from $16,500.00
Large Tracts:
  • 23 Acres on SR 750—Make Offer
  • 7-8 Acre Tracts Afton Road—$35,000.00 per Tract
  • 10 Acres Goodyear Boulevard—$165,000.00
*Manufactured Home Lots
Call Phyllis for directions and a survey of properties. We also cooperate with agents.
New House - Home Sales in Danville, VA
Contact our apartment and home rental company in Danville, Virginia, for access to properties that fit your space and budget needs.